Happiness – For Sale?

“ … looked on the bright side, got keratitis.” —wonderful life by Bring Me The Horizon   Let’s talk about the Happiness Industrial Complex — it’s the industry that is […]

Burnout & Self Care – Social Work.

There is no inherent good to being a social worker. There is the assumption that social workers are inherently “good” people who can work tirelessly because they are seen an altruists for wanting to help people.

Matchmaking, Examined

Sima Taparia is a middle-aged Indian matchmaker who travels to and fro from Mumbai and the US to meet various clients who wish to have their partners matched by her. […]

No Room For Unhappiness

There is always work to be done. There is a culture that requires and rewards us to “rise and grind”. It is an ethic that is so deeply baked into […]

The Death Penalty Does Not Work

The slogan “hang the rapists” continues to be chanted, which is seemingly seen as a solution against rape. Death Penalty

Conflict, Harm or Abuse?

One of the things I think about a lot is how everyone has committed harm. The capacity to cause harm or be an abuser is possible within each and every single one of us.

Hope and Community as Discipline

Uncertainty brews various forms of anxieties. It is difficult and tumultuous to navigate a world where traumas are constantly inflicted against one another and never addressed. Micro and macroaggressions pepper […]

When Children Call For Accountability

Envisioning a just world requires the idea to liberate communities and individuals from cycles of violence. It is, therefore, crucial that in order to transform our society, a clear vision […]