Be The Rakshin Superstar

Be The Rakshin Superstar

Do you want to be The Rakshin Superstar?


The Rakshin Project by Sakshi offers all Rakshins an opportunity to exhibit their creativity. Brought to you by Sakshi, a unique opportunity awaits you. Provide us your creative expression and get a chance to be The Rakshin Superstar!


Creativity comes from the heart and we invite all Rakshins to participate in expressing their learning in the Workshop delivered through creative ways. It may be through visual arts like painting and print art or through creating a film, it also may be through composing a song or writing poetry. You are free to choose any medium or way you would like to express your learning creatively and not just those that are mentioned above. Your creative work will be moderated, checked and is open to nomination for becoming The Rakshin Superstar.


The Rakshin Superstar gets the fantastic opportunity to be mentored by a senior awarded celebrity in Bollywood! The top 1000 artworks will be selected and exhibited on our social outreach platforms. From the 1000 artworks, one Rakshin will qualify to be The Rakshin Superstar!


Whatever your talent may be, if you qualify as The Rakshin Superstar then you will be mentored and developed for the talent you have and the art you present.


Be aware, be creative, and express yourself!


Participate to become The Rakshin Superstar…


Please fill the form below and show us your artwork by providing a link to your art in the cloud storage you have saved it on.

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