Who is a Rakshin?



Rakshin 1.0 is a youth capable of the following as a direct outcome of the initial engagement with the workshop and the information provided by the learning portal.

1)Awareness around prevention, prohibition and accessing appropriate authorities for intervention for instances of sexual offences against children. 2) These Champions will be sufficiently exposed to the punitive actions ensuing to the offence, as well as the impact of sexual offences on the survivors in order to create a prohibitive mindset towards any probable offence. 3) If any of them have been subjected personally, they will be guided towards tools that resolve and heal the residue impact of the trauma. This includes, legal counselling for those who want to understand their rights. Therapy Counselling for those who are just beginning to realize they need support for their experience. But all the attending participants will be encouraged towards Creative Expressions.

As per Kolbe’s Learning Cycle, that which has been understood experientially, processed internally,  and put into practice becomes internalized as a learning that lasts a lifetime. Hence the Rakshin 1.0 will be invited to express their learnings from the workshop in their own creative manner. It may be through visual arts like painting and print art or through creating a film, it also may be through composing a song or writing poetry. This encourages all the students to think, ruminate and process the workshop in their own time and also gives them a chance to hone their talents. The best works of art will also be mentored and vetted by a team of experts put together by The Rakshin Project, who give them insights on their performances to improve their art. The top 1000 artworks will be selected and exhibited on The Rakshin Project social outreach platforms. From the 1000 artworks, one Rakshin will qualify to be The Rakshin Superstar! The Rakshin Superstar gets the fantastic opportunity to be mentored by a senior awarded celebrity in Bollywood!


As a peer educator, with the responsibility of each teach two, Rakshin 2.0 will be a Youth equipped with the information, understanding, tools and language:

  1. To raise awareness about the existence of child sexual abuse with young adolescents.
  2. To provide tips on what to do to prevent such abuse from happening or how to address it in case it has already happened.
  3. To provide an adolescent with the space to talk freely about sex, responsibility and abuse without fear of reprimand or judgment from their peers.
  4. To encourage that same freedom amongst your own peers and colleagues.
  5. To learn how to communicate on issues which may seem uncomfortable but which may involve matters of life.
  6. To learn how to turn to other agencies, professionals and support mechanisms for help.

In order to qualify to be RAKSHIN 2.0, the youth of their own accord can come to the Learning Portal and

undertake a learning course in the form of downloadable readings, video lectures, audio recordings or podcasts, tools & Interactive media including quizzes, exams and practice exercises. They will be eligible to do this once they have participated in Rakshin1.0 level.

The student will have one assignment of a 1000 words for submission, which will get them the RAKSHIN 2.0 Certification.


As a Rakshin Fellow, Rakshin 3.0 will engage with a group of students within his/her community of students in a sustained manner, and lead focussed group discussions, and host Webinars (as per the Rakshin Calender) on key thematic areas around the constitutional right to equality and mindsets and measures required for prevention of  child sexual abuse.

To qualify as a Rakshin 3.0, the youth will have to apply for the seed grant with a purpose statement, and a personal statement. The selected Rakshin 3.0 in each college will be given a stipend of INR 5000/- annually for hosting two Focus Group Discussions, and one Webinar. The outcome of these discussions will feed into the advocacy document which is a key output of The Rakshin Project, to be presented in the Consultation that will be housed in Niti Aayog.

They will be eligible to do this once they have participated in Rakshin1.0  and 2.0 level.


The Rakshin 4.0, an Action Practioner, will be a youth, who will take the above learnings, and transpose them into creative learning modules, (nukkad natak, song, stand up acts, etc), motivate their peers to form a implementation group and along with the training module provided by The Rakshin Project, take the initiative as part of his/her village service initiative, taking the learnings beyond their immediate community, into a peer group in Rural India and spreading the word and change. The conversations would open subjects including but not limited to Constitutional Right to Equality, Gender Equality,  MHM, CSA.

To qualify as a Rakshin 4.0, the applicant will submit a proposal which will be vetted by a panel of experts from the creative industry, social justice entrepreneurs, and gender practioners.

Qualified Rakshin 4.0 will be given an annual stipend of INR 10,000/- for implementation of the social arts initiative in the village against a visually documented report.

Expected Participation: 1 in every 500 participants

They will be eligible to do this once they have participated in Rakshin1.0 ,2.0 and 3.0 level.


RAKSHIN 5.0 are dynamic leaders who will be at the forefront of social change. Through the selection process The Rakshin Project will identify emerging leaders interested in the intersection of social justice, entrepreneurship, and creative arts and give them a fellowship grant. These will be youth recognized as social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to social problems being addressed by TRP, and the potential to change patterns across society.

Candidates will go through an extensive series of in-depth interviews, a judging panel, and a final executive board vote. The candidate will have to be a Rakshin who has successfully participated in all the preceding RAKSHIN Levels. Successful Candidates will be granted an Action Research grant and a seed funding for setting up their social entrepreneurship for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Along with the grant, The Rakshin Project will also offer ongoing mentorship, pro bono services, robust support and access to the Rakshin network. Applications will be accepted all year round on a rolling basis.

At any given point there will be a maximum of 30 RAKSHIN 5.0. They will be brought to one city annually for advanced Mentoring and TOT to carry the learnings back to the initiatives they are seeding.

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